Staying Connected Conference 2021
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Friday, May 21

8:30am PDT

10:15am PDT

Advancing Equity and Inclusion in Our Schools and Communities ZoomDaniel Shiu • Tara Ehrcke An Indigenous Approach to Getting Started with Physical Literacy ZoomDwayne Roberts • Erica McLean Building Community: SD 22/ VTA Revised Mentorship Program ZoomKathy Johnson (SD22) Communicating Student Learning Using Digital Portfolios ZoomBradley Ogasawara (SD 22) • Rhiannon Johnson (SD 22) • Jenna Shore (SD 22) • Jennifer Bolton (SD 22) Dealing with Trauma: Holding others without Holding it in- Sensations, Strategies & Self Care ZoomNorberta Heinrichs (SD 69) Digital Citizenship K to 9: I Know I Should Be Teaching It But, Where Do I Start? ZoomCari Wilson (FocusedED) Embracing Nature to Support Mental Health and Wellbeing Practices in K-12 Education Settings ZoomUBC) • Darlene Loland (SD 22 From Escalated to Engaged: Using Emotion Focused Strategies to Return to Learning ZoomKristen Zuest (SD 22) Our Changing Climate and Your Class- A Local Look ZoomSuzanna Singh (SD 22) • Al Gee (SD 22) • Paul Britton (SD 22) Strategies for Discussing Controversial Issues ZoomShailly Sareen • Anna Chudnovsky Through the Strength of Stories: A Strength-based Approach to Talking about Teaching (in anti-oppressive/decolonial ways) ZoomDr. Shauneen Pete Welcoming and Engaging English Language Learners in Your Classroom ZoomRebecca Wilson (SD 22) What Did We Learn? How Blended Learning Isn't Just For Remote Teaching ZoomCorinne McWhinney (SD 22) • Brendan Robertson (SD 22) Rime Magic ZoomJudy Astridge (SD22) • Heather Jamieson (SD 22) Elementary CORE French Activities: Share Session ZoomCorina Summerfelt (SD22) BC Digital Classroom & Inquiry ZoomLisa Read (FocusedED) An Overview of Reggio-Inspired Mathmatics ZoomUBC) • Janice Novakowski (SD 38 Shifting from Content to Curricular Competencies in the Secondary Math Classroom ZoomJen Carter (SD 22) • Sean Chorney (Simon Fraser Univ) Solving (Math) Problems with Computational Thinking ZoomWendy Lorch Embracing the Scientific Method in Daily Lessons ZoomRobyn Bester (Okanagan Science Center) Caetani Centre: Opportunities in Your Community ZoomGabriel Newman (Caetani Centre) Looking at Assessment Differently: Learning Maps 2.0- Using Proficiency Sequences ZoomShannon Schinkel Indigenous People's Atlas of Canada ZoomCarly Hills (SD 22)

11:00am PDT

1:00pm PDT

Syilx water and land teachings ZoomCsetkwe Fortier Building Community: SD 22/ VTA Revised Mentorship Program ZoomKathy Johnson (SD22) • Lisa Quiring (SD 22) Coaching Conversations for JEDI Activists (JEDI: Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) ZoomNatasha Tony Creating A Gender Inclusive School Culture ZoomTrevana Spilchen (BCTF) Dip Your Toes into Okanagan Water Education ZoomCorinne Jackson (Okanagan Basin Water Board) • Pamela Barnes Exploring Library Learning Commons ZoomShay Best (SD 22) • Heather Acob (SD 22) Six Elements of Health ZoomKristy Ware (Kristy Ware Health Coaching) Teacher Wellness; Considering this school year while looking ahead ZoomWade Repta The City of Vernon's Climate Action Plan (CAP): From Paper to Action and the Role Schools Can Play ZoomLaurie Cordell (City of Vernon) • Bill Darnell (Climate Action Advisory Committee) • Barry Dorval (SD 22) What Is A Teacher Inquiry? Purpose, Process & Planning ZoomPaddy McCallum (BCTF) Caetani Centre: Opportunities in Your Community ZoomGabriel Newman (Caetani Centre) Allan Brooks Nature Centre Presents: An Inside Look at Nature Programming ZoomChelsea Hubbard (ABNC) Emerging Readers Collaboration Session ZoomCathy Lower (SD 22) • Allison Jmayoff (SD 22) Evidence Based Literacy Practices in the Early Years ZoomTina Adams (SD 22) • Jennifer Friesen (SD 22) Touch Times: An Interactive Tool to Support Development of Multiplication Concepts ZoomSean Chorney (Simon Fraser Univ) Pickleball: Curriculum Development & Adapted Skills and Equipment K-12 ZoomAaron Hoffman (SD 22) • Michael Botterhill • Beck Hackman • Carol McAllister (SD 22) Aardvark to Zebra: How to Support Individual Inquiry with Digital Resources (primary focus) ZoomCari Wilson (FocusedED) Structuring Scientific Inquiry ZoomWendy Lorch BC Digital Classroom & Inquiry ZoomLisa Read (FocusedED) Gradeless Learning in a Secondary Classroom: Impacting Equity, Anxiety and Authentic Learning ZoomRhiannon Johnson (SD 22) • Elizabeth Brown (SD 22) Gladys We Never Knew: Cross Curricular Lessons for Secondary Schools ZoomDavita Marsen • Amanda Anderson